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Steph Smith: How to become successful as a content creator

Step Smith, growth marketer, writer, and indie maker from California, has been lucky to explore 52 countries while working remotely. She wrote "Doing Content Right" an...

Coaching call with Charles-Olivier Demers, founder of Feedback Farm

Charles-Olivier Demers living in Montreal joins me for a coaching call. He wants to get clarity on who his target audience is and how to find them.

Marie Martens: Getting an audience by cold outreach and other methods

Marie co-founded Tally with her partner Filip. She talks with Matthias about the different ways and methods she used to get the first users and customers for the Tally...

Coaching call with new founder Paulina Sáez

Paulina Sáez, Chile-born founder living in Thailand, joins me for a coaching call. She wants to get clarity on who her target audience is. Let's hear how she figured t...

Colleen Schnettler: Finding your audience on a marketplace

Colleen is the founder of simplefileupload.com, an add-in for Heroku-based applications. She shares how she found her audience on the Heroku platform, and what happene...

Rob Fitzpatrick: How an entrepreneur’s journey yields compound interest

Rob has found an amazing system about how to build books, products, and communities – all based on the same principles. So glad he openly talks about it!

Alex Llull: How an entrepreneur actively built his own audience for a profitable business

Alex Llull tells Matthias about how he built his own audience as a social media consultant, content creator and writer.

Kevon Cheung: How to develop an audience for (and by) building in public

Kevon Cheung, entrepreneur and course creator, talks about how he is becoming a go-to person for his audience.

Nesha Mutuku: Customer conversations, why not at the dentist or at a baby shower?

Nesha Mutuku, Co-founder of Swally, tells us about unexpected ways to have conversations with your audience.

Sharath Kuruganty: The beauty of having an audience for your product

Sharath Kuruganty, Co-Founder of shoutout.so and Community Programs Manager at Product Hunt, talks about how to build an audience for a startup.

Ramli John: Product-led onboarding

Ramli John, Managing Director at ProductLed, talks with Matthias about building a B2B audience and about onboarding new users so that they get the value of a product.

Rosie Sherry: Community building – nowadays!

Rosie Sherry, experienced community manager, digital gardener, and full-time employee at Orbit, chats with Matthias about what community builders need in these special...

Justin Jackson: Audiences, Death Wish, and White Dudes

Justin Jackson, co-founder of transistor.fm, and Matthias both embark on a weird ride: From audiences, via the death wish, to the problems of modern society and social...

Michele Hansen: Learning from your audience

Michele Hansen, co-founder of geocod.io, and Matthias talk about how Michele and her husband founded their geocoding startup and found the first members of their audie...

Boris Tane: Turning bookmarks into tangible value

Matthias meets Boris Tane, the founder of bkmark.io, who talks about how he got the first idea, met his audience, and expands his business to entire teams now.

Corey Haines: Developing a diverse community of marketers

Matthias meets Corey Haines, marketer and founder of the Swipefiles community. They talk about marketing as earning trust at scale, about how to build an audience, and...

How an Indie Hacker achieves a sustainable workload

As you can see, Matthias hasn't created a podcast episode for an entire month, and now he's back! What happened? He overloaded himself with too much work! Today, Matth...

Does your indie software have enough quality?

Matthias builds in public, so he thought it was a great idea to reflect about the quality of GetTheAudience, the audience development SaaS tool that he has written. He...

Dev lab news: Hunters and Gatherers (the new browser extension)

This time, Matthias broadcasts directly from his development lab where he writes a special browser extension that helps you find an arbitrary audience on Twitter.

Arvid Kahl: Your audience is already out there!

Arvid Kahl and Matthias finally meet outside Twitter, to talk about their favourite subject: An audience for an entrepreneur – why it's great to have one, and what to ...

Lesley Sim on Bootstrapping a WordPress business

Matthias meets Lesley Sim from Singapore, co-founder of NewsletterGlue, a bootstrapped business. She talks about the early days of her startup and about her goals for ...

Brendan McAdams on dealing with more than one audience at a time

Today's guest is Brendan McAdams from Baltimore. He's a co-founder of Expertscape, a start-up in the healthcare domain. He's also an expert in sales, and he coaches st...

Tom Libelt on systematized marketing and audience building

Matthias welcomes Tom Libelt from Bangkok, who talks about how to use systems to do marketing for three different audience types.

How to engage with your audience

Matthias talks about how to earn the trust of your audience on Twitter, then how to contact them, run a problem interview, and end the interview with potential for mor...

Selecting the right audience members to work with

Matthias talks about how you deliberately select those members of your audience whom you want to work with while creating your product or service.

How to understand your audience

Matthias talks about what to do when you have found your audience: Take your time to understand them. He also continues with the latest (non-vanity) metrics about the ...

How to search for your audience

Matthias talks about how founders and indie hackers can search for their particular audience, using four clear, deliberate steps. He also gives a brief status of his s...

The first 50 days of a new startup: The GetTheAudience story

In the first episode of The Audience Explorer podcast, Matthias talks about why he founded GetTheAudience, shares his experience during the first 50 days of it, and gi...

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