How to engage with your audience

Matthias talks about how to earn the trust of your audience on Twitter, then how to contact them, run a problem interview, and end the interview with potential for more. He gives tips and good practices to make you successful when working with your audience. At the end, he gives the usual news and stats about his startup GetTheAudience.

Read the transcript of the podcast here, and see what was mentioned in the episode:

Books mentioned in the podcast:
- Dale Carnegie: How to Win Friends and Influence People

Links mentioned in the podcast:
- Zoom:
- Jitsi meet:
- Christensen institute (JTBD):
- Commento, the commenting engine for my blog:
- Hypefury as an example for user onboarding:

People on Twitter: (in the order of appearance)
- Daniel Vassallo: @dvassallo
- KP: @thisiskp_
- Janel: @JanelSGM
- pohjie: @pohjie_pj
- Michael Fecher: @michaelfecher

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