Lesley Sim on Bootstrapping a WordPress business

Matthias meets Lesley Sim from Singapore, co-founder of NewsletterGlue, a bootstrapped business. She talks about the early days of her startup and about her goals for 2021.

Listen to Lesley's story how she co-founded her first startup, then pivoted by zooming in on one valuable feature, worked with her first audience, and about the goals that she is now persuing as a co-founder of NewsletterGlue.

Enjoy listening to the interview!

Read the transcript of the podcast here, and see what was mentioned in the episode:
- https://gettheaudience.com/e08-lesley-sim-bootstrapping-wordpress-business/

Links mentioned in the podcast:
- NewsletterGlue

How to reach Lesley:
- Twitter - @lesley_pizza
- Website and blog - lesley.pizza
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