Does your indie software have enough quality?

Matthias builds in public, so he thought it was a great idea to reflect about the quality of GetTheAudience, the audience development SaaS tool that he has written. He shares what works well and where there is still work to do, in order to bring the necessary qualities into the product. He also talks about what quality is and in which categories you could self-assess your own product.

What is software quality, and what does it mean for an indie hacker?

Can you find out what qualities (yes, it's a plural!) you need for your own product? Yes, you can! Matthias shows what happens if you take an existing quality standard (like ISO 25010) and check your situation as an indie product against it.

This is a great shopping list for software quality categories and attributes that YOU will want to have in your own indie product, too:
- ISO 25000 – the standard about software quality

Read the transcript of this podcast here:
- Transcript of episode 11 on the GetTheAudience blog
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