Steph Smith: How to become successful as a content creator

Step Smith, growth marketer, writer, and indie maker from California, has been lucky to explore 52 countries while working remotely. She wrote "Doing Content Right" and shares with Matthias what it takes to be a successful content creator.
Steph Smith is a growth marketer, writer, and indie maker. She wrote “The Guide to Remote Work That’s Not Trying to Sell You Anything” and "Doing Content Right".

Steph and Matthias join on The Audience Explorer for a chat. Steph shares two interesting topics here:

1) How she found the audience for her first book (and how she was able to write it in parallel to her job)
2) What's absolutely necessary for a content creator to become successful

Great insights, Steph! Thanks for being my guest!

Read the full transcript of the episode here.

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