Sharath Kuruganty: The beauty of having an audience for your product

Sharath Kuruganty, Co-Founder of and Community Programs Manager at Product Hunt, talks about how to build an audience for a startup.

Sharath and Matthias have known each other for a long time, only from Twitter. Today, they got a chance to meet "in person", i.e. in a video call for a podcast recording.

Sharath co-founded, a startup that makes it possible for founders to collect positive shoutouts and display them anywhere – a solution to the well-known problem of social proof that is very important for any business, and for startups in particular.

Matthias takes the chance to ask Sharath about how his co-founder Curtis and Sharath himself built the audience for their product, and what they do to keep their audience growing.

Read the full transcript of the episode here.

Meet @5harath and @shoutoutso_ on Twitter.
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