Ramli John: Product-led onboarding

Ramli John, Managing Director at ProductLed, talks with Matthias about building a B2B audience and about onboarding new users so that they get the value of a product.

Ramli has written a great book called "Product-led onboarding". Matthias has to onboard new users to his SaaS called "GetTheAudience", and so he read Ramli's book and thought it would be a great idea to have him on the podcast.

It turned out to be a great chat! Ramli talked about

- an interesting approach that got them the first audience for their company
- why sales-led firms should now make the move to become a product-led organization
- and what makes a great onboarding experience for new users

Read the transcript here:
- https://gettheaudience.com/e18-ramli-john-product-led-onboarding/

Find Ramli on Twitter @RamliJohn and on the web at ProductLed
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